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Ellen DeGeneres
this is how im running errands from now on rio2016
This is how I’m running errands from now on. #Rio2016
Derek Brunson
and on this day august 112016 no more black people can t swim jokes will be tolerated congrats simone rio2016
And on this day August 11,2016 no more black people can't swim jokes will be tolerated 😂 congrats Simone #Rio2016
Yuna Zarai
i prefer a different headline somethin like well done peng soon amp liu yingwe re so proud of you rio2016
I prefer a different headline. Somethin like.. "Well done Peng Soon & Liu Ying,we're so proud of you." #rio2016
Bleacher Report
dont poke the bear chad le clos rio2016
Don’t poke the bear, Chad le Clos

Narendra Modi
congrats for the silver pvsindhu1 very well fought your accomplishment at rio2016 is historic amp will be reme
Congrats for the Silver @Pvsindhu1. Very well fought. Your accomplishment at #Rio2016 is historic & will be remembered for years.
Donald J. Trump
good luck teamusa openingceremony rio2016
Good luck #TeamUSA
#OpeningCeremony #Rio2016
Bleacher Report
it wasnt even close phelps rio2016
It wasn’t even close…

sachin tendulkar
well played india s youngest individual olympics medal winner pvsindhu1 you have won our hearts with the splen
Well played India's youngest individual @Olympics medal winner @Pvsindhu1. You have won our hearts with the splendid performance. #Rio2016
also you can watch the video in its entirety again on nbcs rio olympics preview special tonight in the 8 pm et
ALSO, you can watch the video in its entirety again on NBC’s Rio Olympics Preview Special TONIGHT in the 8 pm ET/PT hour 📺 #Rio2016
Akshay Kumar
here comes the firstthank you amp congratulations sakshimalikyou re the reason for a billion smiles today rio2
Here comes the first!Thank you & congratulations #SakshiMalik!You're the reason for a billion smiles today😀 #Rio2016
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