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World Economic Forum
why europe needs innovation not regulation disruption uber
Why #Europe needs #innovation, not #regulation #disruption #Uber
The European Tour
pelleedberg on 13 1 in the drink 2 drop 3 in the hole regulation
.@PelleEdberg on 13:

1. In the drink
2. Drop
3. In the hole

LWV of the US
when a regulation is repealed under the cra theres no going back
When a #regulation is repealed under the #CRA, there’s no going back.
World Economic Forum
one eu one set of banking regulations reuters wef finance regulation
One #EU, one set of #banking regulations? @Reuters #wef #finance #regulation
The Banker
video benchmarking data for regulatory compliance regulation ifrs9 baseliii regtech
[Video] Benchmarking data for regulatory compliance. #regulation #IFRS9 #BaselIII #regtech
Lawrence McDonald
us business owners under the age of 30 2015 37 2005 9 2000 99 1995 11 1990 111 via wsj debt regulation
US Business owners under the age of 30

2015: 3.7%
2005: 9%
2000: 9.9%
1995: 11%
1990: 11.1%

Via @WSJ

#Debt #Regulation
Concerned Scientists
tell congress that regulation protects consumers workers and families pass a cleanbudget noriders
Tell Congress that #regulation protects consumers, workers and families. Pass a #cleanbudget. #noriders
U.S. Chamber
of the 30 most costly rules the epa issued 17 of them regulation
Of the 30 most costly rules, the @EPA issued 17 of them - #regulation
World Economic Forum
why we need global standards for financial regulation banking
Why we need global standards for financial #regulation #banking
Concerned Scientists
check out yoginucs and gretchentg for live updates from regsrock event today regulation
Check out @YoginUCS and @GretchenTG for live updates from @RegsRock event today #Regulation
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