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U.S. Army
@USArmy 3 years
usarmys 16th sustainment brigade soldiers train to recover vehicles during a readiness exercise poland feb 24
#USArmy’s 16th Sustainment Brigade Soldiers train to recover vehicles during a #readiness exercise, Poland, Feb 24.
U.S. Navy
@USNavy 4 years
a legacy that starts w a call to serve honed by training commitment to readiness bound by oath
A #legacy that starts w/ a call to serve, honed by training/commitment to #readiness - bound by oath:
Patrick J. Murphy
always ready to tell the army story with my battle buddy genmarkmilley sasc hearing on cspan now readiness
Always ready to tell the #Army story with my battle buddy @GENMarkMilley! #SASC Hearing on CSPAN now. #Readiness
Patrick J. Murphy
spending the day with usarmyreserve leadership you are an essential part of the army team totalforce readiness
Spending the day with @USArmyReserve leadership! You are an essential part of the #Army team! #TotalForce #readiness
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard
rep tulsi gabbard hosts roundtable of dengue amp zika experts research readiness response
Rep Tulsi Gabbard hosts roundtable of #dengue & #zika experts #research #readiness #response
four best practices for global safety implementations goals readiness team planning
Patrick J. Murphy
thats what we a call a soldier for life wafflehouse csasoldier4life readiness
Thats what we a call a 'Soldier for Life' @WaffleHouse @csaSoldier4Life #Readiness
Air Force Medicine
readiness remains the key factor in all the airforce medical service does per usairforce sg lt gen ediger
#Readiness remains the key factor in all the #AirForce Medical Service does, per @usairforce SG Lt. Gen. Ediger:
Navy Medicine
weekend motivation mt mcbquantico 14 degrees usmc motivation run for president s day marines readiness
Weekend motivation! MT @MCB_Quantico: 14 degrees. @USMC motivation run for President's Day: #Marines #readiness
Air Force Medicine
training like we fight check out 315aw amp ramsteinairbase ensuring readiness usairforce
Training like we fight! Check out @315AW & @RamsteinAirBase ensuring #readiness @usairforce
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