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Roald Dahl originally wanted Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to be black #r4today
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'Boxers or briefs?'

Download the full interview with @BarackObama here:

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The Westminster attacker is no more representative of Muslims than Jo Cox's killer is representative of Yorkshire @MrBrendanCox #r4today
Tony Blair is "stuck in a time warp" says @OwenJones84 #r4today
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"Nothing in the human rights act gets in the way of tackling terrorism...this is a diversion," says Labour's Keir Starmer #r4today
“Unashamed Remainer” just added to John Humphrys’ ludicrous lexicon of ignorant bias. #r4today
Up next... Prince Harry interviews @BarackObama on his time in office and hopes for the future #r4today
Amber Rudd appears to have just torpedoed the PMs' threat of NO Deal - "It is my view Parliament will stop No deal." #r4today
A second referendum is still an option says @johnmcdonnellMP #r4today
Nigel Rowe took his child out of school over another pupil's request to be recognised as transgender #r4today
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