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Tony Rocha
with all due respect rod my public love declaration to a brilliant woman friend amp artist lovya hollyrpeete
With all due respect Rod, My #Public #Love #Declaration to a #Brilliant #Woman, #Friend & #Artist. Lovya @hollyrpeete
Tony Rocha
public congrats to my official model abby abbyparece on her overwhelming victory ibms july 2014 winner
#Public #Congrats to my "#Official #Model" Abby @AbbyParece on her #Overwhelming #Victory @ IBMS July 2014. #Winner
Tony Rocha
startups y combinator takes public stance against sexual harassment
Tony Rocha
public message to my girl abby abbyparece i m proud of your beauty amp brains shame on the cheaters talk soon
#Public #Message to my girl Abby @AbbyParece: I'm Proud of your #Beauty & #Brains. #Shame on the Cheaters. Talk soon!
Mignon Clyburn
pleased ajitpaifcc will include a factsheet w fcc mtg items enhances transparency and helps the public better
Pleased @AjitPaiFCC will include a #factsheet w/ @FCC mtg items. Enhances #transparency and helps the #public better understand our actions.
코리아헤럴드 Korea Herald
jung yong hwa becomes new face of chinese public campaign jungyonghwa china public model
Jung Yong-hwa becomes new face of Chinese public campaign

#JungYongHwa #China #public #model
scientist join our scientific committees eu public health consumer safety environment
World Bank
can public private partnerships fix water loss in developing countries our take
Can #Public Private Partnerships fix water loss in developing countries? Our take:
noamchomsky us will ignore turkish violence against kurds without public pressure
#NoamChomsky: #US will ignore #Turkish violence against #Kurds without #public pressure
Paul Mason
launching metakapitalismos at public in athens today
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