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WATE 6 On Your Side
pat summitt s family is asking for prayers for pat statement wate prayforpat
Pat Summitt's family is asking for prayers for Pat. STATEMENT: #WATE #PrayForPat
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SEC Network
her fight is our fight we back pat prayforpat
Her fight is our fight.

We. Back. Pat. #PrayForPat
The Tennessean
breaking former lady vols coach pat summitt struggling family preparing for worst prayforpat
#BREAKING Former Lady Vols coach Pat Summitt 'struggling,' family 'preparing for worst' #prayforpat
Paul Finebaum
no coach has ever had a more profound and lasting impact on their sport than pat summitt prayforpat
No coach has ever had a more profound and lasting impact on their sport than Pat Summitt. #PrayForPat
Jay Bilas
praying for legendary coach pat summitt and her family prayforpat
Praying for legendary coach Pat Summitt and her family: #PrayforPat
Nicole Auerbach
awful awful news about pat summitt today prayforpat
Awful, awful news about Pat Summitt today: #PrayForPat
Kenny Smith
love amp support to pat summit her family amp loved ones prayforpat
Love & support to Pat Summit, her family & loved ones. #PrayForPat
WBIR Channel 10
photos of patsummitt through the years prayforpat
Photos of @patsummitt through the years #PrayForPat
Swin Cash
a lot of emotion this morning got the news late last night abt coach summit prayforpat praying for all my tenn
A lot of emotion this morning. Got the news Late last night abt Coach Summit. #PrayForPat Praying for all my Tenn sis as well
WATE 6 On Your Side
life it gives you vision but you cant acquire it if youre afraid of keeping score summitt wate prayforpat
“life. It gives you vision. But you can’t acquire it if you’re afraid of keeping score.” -Summitt #WATE #PrayForPat
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