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Sam Quek
when pictures tell a thousand words onelovemanchester police
When pictures tell a thousand words... #OneLoveManchester #Police
Dr. Marty Fox
marxist mayor deblasio disrespects his assassinated police officer to join trump trashing thugs ericbolling
#Marxist Mayor #DeBlasio

Disrespects His Assassinated #Police Officer

To Join #Trump Trashing Thugs

Dr. Marty Fox
latino cop shot castile don t tell anyone it ruins the racist white police narrative

Don't Tell Anyone

It Ruins The #Racist White #Police Narrative
Dr. Marty Fox
the people who believe all blacklivesmatter are the police who risk their lives regardless of skin color
The People Who Believe ALL #BlackLivesMatter

Are The #Police

Who Risk Their Lives

➡️ Regardless Of Skin Color
Dr. Marty Fox
cnn enables the waronpolice real police officers are assassinated but a fake wrestling video is the problem
#CNN Enables The #WarOnPolice

REAL #Police Officers Are Assassinated

But A FAKE Wrestling Video Is The Problem
Dr. Marty Fox
dallas police chief brown did not receive any blm applications they do not resolve problems they create them
#Dallas #Police Chief Brown

Did Not Receive Any #BLM Applications

They Do Not Resolve Problems

They Create Them
Dr. Marty Fox
when seconds count the police are minutes away hillary will appoint anti 2a scotus judges hillary will
When Seconds Count

▶️The #Police#Police Are Minutes#Hillary Away

#Hillary Wil#2Al#SCOTUS Appoint Anti #2A #SCOTUS Judg#Gunes

#Hillary Will…
Dr. Marty Fox
cop hater in chief cannot identify the motive of the white hating dallasshooter knows the police are racists
Cop Hater In Chief

Cannot Identify The Motive Of The WHITE HATING #DallasShooter

Knows The #Police Are #Racists
Dr. Marty Fox
here is what we know right now obama has praised police hating blacklivesmatter more police officers killed
Here Is What We Know Right Now

#Obama Has Praised #Police Hating #BlackLivesMatter

More #Police Officers Killed
Dr. Marty Fox
if you get a police escort before trashing police at superbowl you must be beyonce
If You Get A #Police Escort

Before Trashing #Police At #SuperBowl

You Must Be #Beyonce
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