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Tony Rocha
the dream is his real life the world around him is the dream montaigne poem from a misskennedys tweet
"... The #dream is his #real life; the world around him is the dream." #Montaigne #Poem - From a @misskennedys tweet!
Autism Speaks
rt if you love this as much as we do lovelanguage autismawareness poem
RT if you love this as much as we do! #LoveLanguage #AutismAwareness #Poem
Maria Shriver
what truly speaks to your heart worldpoetryday poetry poem
What truly speaks to your heart? #WorldPoetryDay #Poetry #Poem
Richard Branson
pre 6th form poetry i wrote this poem to my first girlfriend when i was 16 tbt
Pre-6th form poetry? I wrote this #poem to my first girlfriend when I was 16… #TBT
Richard Branson
how changed so changed our days not my fair thoughts read my first ever poem
“how changed, so changed our days – not my fair thoughts.” – read my first ever #poem
Autism Speaks
i am special just like you an autism acceptance poem gtgt lightitupblue
"I Am Special Just Like You," an autism acceptance #poem >> #lightitupblue
Historic Scotland
we love this poem about the calanais standing stones nationalpoetryday visit yourself
We love this #poem about the Calanais Standing Stones! #NationalPoetryDay Visit yourself:
Richard Branson
my first poem aged 16 lacking love read it here tbt
My first #poem aged 16 – Lacking Love. Read it here: #TBT
Coronation Street
and you re name s not trevor kirk aidan poem poetry bestboss corrie
And you're name's not Trevor! 😂

#Kirk #Aidan #poem #poetry #BestBoss #Corrie
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