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.@deemadigan and Bronwyn Bishop go head to head over claims ‘Labor has a socialist platform’. #pmlive #auspol
.@rowandean says the ABC should be sold off in this year’s budget.

MORE: #pmlive
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.@PMOnAir says an ABC journalist's response to the Stillbirth Foundation is 'disgusting'... 'You are scum'. #pmlive
Almost a unanimous vote in the #PMLive audience against increasing immigration numbers in Australia. Live now Ch 601
#BREAKING the Family First Party is set to merge with Cory Bernardi's Australian Conservatives Party. #pmlive
Well said Johannes Leak on Gillian Triggs' farcical free speech award: “No one has done more to quash free speech in this country”. #pmlive
Milo Yiannopoulos: The idea you can only interview people with whom you agree is a leftist invention #pmlive
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Milo Yiannopoulos: The idea you could be criminalised for cracking a joke... is so astonishingly ridiculous #pmlive
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.@HumanHeadline claims @TonyAbbottMHR left him a phone message a few weeks ago to 'Shut the f**k up'. #pmlive
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.@PaulineHansonOz: So many people from around the world want to come to Australia - we can be choosy.
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