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There's plenty people like me, all unashamed and all unafraid to be what they're supposed to be. #Outsiders
Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi says he has basically been told he is 'too Australian to be an Imam' #Outsiders
.@RossCameron4 says the owners of Twitter have their "grubby fingers" all over users' free speech #outsiders
.@RitaPanahi says Christianity in the Middle East is in crisis #Outsiders
Congrats to @RealKevinNash on your WWE HOF induction. Well deserved. #Outsiders #Kliq #nWo
.@rowandean: Welcome to Ice Age watch, where we get all the latest news on 'global cooling'. #Outsiders
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.@rowandean says climate change 'lunacy' is destroying the natural gifts Australia has #outsiders
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