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@ICEgov 10 months
read the full ice statement regarding erroneous attacks on ice employee for military tattoo
Read the full ICE statement regarding erroneous attacks on ICE employee for #military tattoo:
Tony Rocha
breaking ukraine interior ministry adviser mh17 shot down ukraine president military didn t fire at any planes
BREAKING: #Ukraine interior ministry adviser: #MH17 shot down. Ukraine President: #Military didn't #fire at any #planes. #CNN Via @CNNjoe
The Boeing Company
350mph 25 ft apart the kc46a tanker is changing the game in air refueling airforce military
350mph. 25 ft. apart. The #KC46A tanker is changing the game in air refueling #AirForce #Military
Donald J. Trump
haloonefortrump realdonaldtrump has what money can t buy vision amp loyal amp motivated support veterans milit
"@HaloOneForTrump: @realDonaldTrump has what MONEY CAN'T BUY: VISION & LOYAL & MOTIVATED SUPPORT! #veterans #military @foxnews @cnn @GOP"
breaking turkish military announced turkey s gov t leadership detained
BREAKING: Turkish #military announced #Turkey's gov't leadership detained
Dr. Marty Fox
after 8 years of obama masked contempt flotus expresses unapologetic respect for our military eastereggroll
After 8 Years Of Obama Masked Contempt

#FLOTUS Expresses Unapologetic Respect For Our #Military

Dr. Marty Fox
memorialday presidenttrump commanderinchief at the tomboftheunknown to honorthefallen military men amp women
Dr. Marty Fox
the left did not stand because they detest the military and ryanowens is one less gop voter jointaddress
The #Left Did NOT Stand Because They Detest The #Military

And #RyanOwens Is One Less #GOP Voter

Bank of America
rt or use troopthanks amp well donate to military nonprofits these adorable girls shared their own message
RT or use #troopthanks & we’ll donate to #military nonprofits. These #adorable girls shared their own message.
Dr. Marty Fox
like a good military hating leftist whitegenocide professor says giving up a seat for a soldier made him vomit
Like A Good #Military Hating #Leftist

#WhiteGenocide Professor Says

Giving Up A Seat For A Soldier Made Him Vomit
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