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Tony Rocha
my friend s dana barbour hamm danahamm magnetic eyes magic
My friend's Dana Barbour Hamm @DanaHamm #Magnetic #Eyes ... #Magic
J-14 Magazine
yay dylandauzat s ep magnetic is officially out onitunes buymagneticonitunes
Yay! @dylandauzat's EP #Magnetic is officially out oniTunes! #BuyMagneticOnItunes
if the earth was an atom i would be an electron flyin around the planet us uk israel aus china in 2months magn
If the earth was an ATOM I would be an ELECTRON, flyin around the planet. US/UK/Israel/AUS/CHINA in 2months #Magnetic
Maxime Duprez
Video player
space sun s magnetic field lines bloom into a dazzling display of twisting arches
#Space: #sun's #magnetic field lines #bloom into a dazzling display of twisting arches -
Maxime Duprez
space magnetic fields frozen into meteorite grains tell a tale of solarsystem birth
#Space: #magnetic fields frozen into #meteorite grains tell a tale of #SolarSystem birth
Maxime Duprez
space sun s upper atmosphere dominated by plasma filled magnetic loops via spaceplasma
#Space: #Sun's upper atmosphere, dominated by #plasma filled #magnetic loops
via @SpacePlasma
Maxime Duprez
space nasas sdo captures cascading magnetic arches on our sun via nasasunearth
#Space: NASA’s SDO captures cascading #magnetic arches on our #Sun
► via @NASASunEarth
Maxime Duprez
space this incredible image reveals the shape of our galaxy s magnetic field annaleen
#Space: this incredible image reveals the shape of our #galaxy's #magnetic field
► | @Annaleen
Maxime Duprez
space astronomers reveal supermassive blackhole s intense magnetic field via eso
#Space: astronomers reveal #supermassive #BlackHole's intense #magnetic field
► via @eso
Maxime Duprez
space 1st massive binary star with individual magnetic fields discovered techienewsuk
#Space: 1st massive #binary star with individual #magnetic fields discovered
► | @techienewsuk
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