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Hugh Freeze
u truly know grace has visited you when you no longer need success or acclaim 2 define you what you do is not
U truly know Grace has visited you when you no longer need success or acclaim 2 define you. What you do is NOT who you are. #LIVEWITHPURPOSE
Kurt Angle
family is what s important god and family when ur priorities are in orderu can create opportunities for u and
Family is what's important. GOD and family. When Ur priorities are in order,U can create opportunities for U and Ur family. #livewithpurpose
Rich Eisen
the first trailer for teamgleason gleasonmovie is out movie hits on july 29 it s awesome livewithpurpose
The first trailer for @TeamGleason @GleasonMovie is out. Movie hits on July 29. It's awesome.


Matt Davio
more democrats should start with goggins book livewithpurpose
More democrats should start with Goggins’ book. #livewithpurpose
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