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Prof. Steve Hanke
turkey s lira continues to free fall turkish cb says they will raise rates when the fed does
#Turkey's #lira continues to free fall, Turkish #CB says they will raise rates when the #Fed does.
jeroen blokland
wow turkish lira opens another 20 lower usdtrygt 7
WOW! Turkish #Lira ‘opens’ another 20%+ lower #USDTRY> 7!
lira couldnt believe when he won the puskas over messi its like a dream ballondor
#Lira couldn’t believe when he won the #Puskas over #Messi: "It’s like a dream.” #BallondOr
Prof. Steve Hanke
as the lira tumbled overnight turkey s annual inflation rate measured for today is 96
As the #lira tumbled overnight, Turkey's annual inflation rate measured for today is 96%.
Reuters Top News
turkish lira weakens against the dollar us warns of more sanctions
Turkish #lira weakens against the dollar, U.S. warns of more sanctions
jeroen blokland
the turkish lira since september 2008 try
The Turkish #Lira since September 2008! #TRY
The Greek Analyst
erdogans set of options turkey lira
Erdogan’s set of options. #Turkey #lira
Prof. Steve Hanke
the lira is in a drowning only a gold backed currency board could throw it a life line
The #lira is in a drowning. Only a gold-backed currency board could throw it a life-line.
jeroen blokland
turkish lira continues to drop try
Turkish #Lira continues to drop. #TRY
Benjamin Harvey
turkish lira falls to record 30638 per usd also drops to record 34778 per euro
Turkish #lira falls to record 3.0638 per USD.
Also drops to record 3.4778 per euro.
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