Reminder to self never tweet where you are when you look like shit #LessonLearned
This never would have happened with a doughnut. #LessonLearned
This never would have happened with a doughnut. #LessonLearned
If running with scissors has an adult equivalent, it's apparently running to catch train with hot latte in hand... #lessonlearned
WOW look at $OREX and $ETRM squeezing shorts who like to pretend The January Effect doesn't exist #lessonlearned #advantagelongs #fireatwill
Hey @ChuckGrassley, never turn your back on @JoeBiden! #LessonLearned
If you have an olive skin tone don't try to wear dusty pink unless you like looking dead. #lessonlearned 😩
Okay guys I need all of your positive vibes that my passport makes it and has a safe flight across the country! Ahaha 😆🙈🙏🏽 #lessonlearned
The journey is in the struggle, embrace it and learn from it #business #entrepreneur #angelinvestor #startups #lessonlearned
I'm glad @CubsJoeMadd didn't listen to the idiots (aka ME) re: Addison Russell. Manager knows players better than anyone. #LessonLearned
Hey @JessePalmerABC I waited this time before saying #GoDawgs way to beat those Gamecocks! #lessonlearned
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