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Amazing to be back @TheXFactor tonight .. Loved it .. Make sure you watch us on #itv #xtrafactor at 9 with Roch and Melvin
WARNING, PARENTAL ADVISORY: At one stage of tonight's show, Rolf shows me how to blow on his didgeridoo. #LifeStories #ITV
Look out for us tonight on @TheXFactor #itv #TT30 we’re near the start 👍
Has Gordon Strachan got fake tan on his thumbs? #ITV #WorldCup2014
EXCITING!!! Love #COOKING or know someone who does? Brand new #ITV cooking show hosted by #GokWan Apply now
.@caitrionambalfe ALWAYS obays the rules. #ITV
Thank you and good night. It's been fun. Miss Mardle, I've loved you very much. I'll miss ya. #MrSelfridge #itv
The moment Bradley couldn't say the phrase 'Chocolate Starfish' #TheChase #ITV #STV
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