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Tories delete parody ad as Heritage Minutes contemplates legal action #hw #cdnpoli
BREAKING | Canada, U.S. have reached a NAFTA deal, senior Canadian source says. #cdnpoli #hw
PMO says Canadians are not affected by the new US immigration policy #hw
Journalists barred from the Canadian finance minister's speech in Beijing a day after Trudeau praises free press #hw
Trudeau warns fear-mongering over immigration will be part of election campaign #hw #cdnpoli
PM's dcomm calls on Fox News to correct the record or retract. #hw @katepurchase
Marijuana legalization bill passes in the Senate 52 to 29. Away we go. #hw
NDP candidate Svend Robinson says it is "shameful" for Justin Trudeau to line up with Donald Trump and recognize an "illegal coup" #hw
BREAKING: John Baird to resign as foreign affairs minister as early as Tuesday, CBC News has learned #cdnpoli #hw
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