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Scott Kelly
flying over strait of sicily today i can t help but think of the north african refugees and humanitarian crisi
Flying over Strait of Sicily today, I can't help but think of the North African #Refugees and #humanitarian crisis.
UN Spokesperson
breaking agreement on 72hr humanitarian ceasefire in gaza statement by unsg ban ki moon amp statedept johnkerr
BREAKING: Agreement on 72hr #humanitarian ceasefire in #Gaza. Statement by #UNSG Ban Ki-moon & @StateDept @JohnKerry
@UNICEF 4 years
there are now 52m people in need of urgent humanitarian assistance across iraq unicefmena
There are now 5.2m people in need of urgent #humanitarian assistance across #Iraq @UNICEFmena
Oxfam International
the world is facing its largest humanitarian crisis since 1945 via un famine
The world is facing its largest #humanitarian crisis since 1945: via @UN #famine
World Economic Forum
these are the top humanitarian concerns for 2016
These are the top #humanitarian concerns for 2016
Oxfam International
this is the largest hunger emergency in the world 4famines humanitarian
This is the largest hunger emergency in the world: #4famines #humanitarian
United Nations
the global humanitarian system is not broken it is broke we are not receiving enough money to save enough live
The global #humanitarian system is not broken; it is broke.
We are not receiving enough money to save enough lives.
- Ban Ki-moon to #UNGA
United Nations
now online world humanitarian data amp trends 2014 report from ochapolicy
Now online: World #Humanitarian Data & Trends 2014 report from @ochapolicy:
World Food Programme
life as a humanitarian in pictures 4 emergencies 4 aid workers 4 stories sharehumanity
Life as a #humanitarian in pictures: 4 emergencies. 4 aid workers. 4 stories. #ShareHumanity
United Nations
looking for analyses lessons learned amp guidelines on humanitarian topics see reliefweb
Looking for analyses, lessons learned & guidelines on #humanitarian topics? See @reliefweb:
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