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Anupam Kher
saw naamshabana brilliant taapsee take a bow you are the hero and the heroin of the film
Saw #NaamShabana. BRILLIANT.!!! @taapsee take a bow. You are the #Hero and the #Heroin Of the film.👍
Marco Rubio
holding hearing on heroin epidemic
Holding hearing On #Heroin 'Epidemic'
All India Radio News
indiancoastguard seizes approximately 1500 kilos of heroin valued at about rs 3500 crore off gujarat coast
#IndianCoastGuard seizes approximately 1,500 kilos of #heroin valued at about Rs 3,500 Crore off #Gujarat coast.
Dr. Sanjay Gupta
it s a story of unintended consequences see how easily use of painkillers can lead to heroin
it's a story of unintended consequences. see how easily use of painkillers can lead to #heroin --
Dr. Sanjay Gupta
the 1 issue on voters minds in new hampshire heroin abuse why ac360 tonight 8pet
The #1 issue on voters' minds in New Hampshire: #heroin abuse. Why? @AC360 tonight, 8pET.
Dr. Sanjay Gupta
in the key state of new hampshire heroin is the top political issue ac360 tonight 8pet
In the key state of New Hampshire, #heroin is the top political issue. @AC360 tonight, 8pET.
Ben Ferguson
demdebate recap 1police are the devil 2weed is good 3 heroin is kinda bad 4 let a bunch of people out of jail
#DemDebate recap 1.Police are the devil! 2.Weed is good! 3. #heroin is kinda bad 4. Let a bunch of people out of jail. 5. Docs over medicate
Ian Pannell
american addiction on bbcnews at ten bbcworld news america amp bbcnewsus heroin in the usa with dcinfocus
American Addiction on @BBCNews at Ten @BBCWorld News America & @BBCNewsUS
#Heroin in the USA
With @dcinfocus
Dr. Sanjay Gupta
ever wonder why heroin is so addictive find out ac360 tonight 8pet primaryconcern
Ever wonder why #heroin is so addictive? Find out -- @AC360 tonight, 8pET. #PrimaryConcern
Dr. Tom Frieden
lets fight the heroin epidemic prevent initiation reduce addiction reverse overdoses
Let’s fight the #heroin epidemic: prevent initiation, reduce addiction, reverse overdoses.
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