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#BREAKING: CP24 declares a Liberal majority government in #exln42 #cdnpoli
Most-shared on our site: @Scott_Gilmore: 'But sure, let's talk about the niqab." #exln42
Canada Caves on Copyright in #TPP: Commits to Longer Term, Urge ISPs to Block Content #cdnpoli #exln42
'Harper’s not telling the truth' — Hazel McCallion steps into the ring for Trudeau: #exln42
Trudeau says he would not support Harper government. Would even stop voting for every bill Harper tries to pass. #exln42
Most-shared today: @Scott_Gilmore: 'But sure, let's talk about the niqab." #exln42
This debate was a classic example of why print journalists should NOT host televised political debates #cdnpoli #exln42
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