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Chris Ship
cant think why the european voting public gave the uk only 3 points eurovison2019
Can’t think why the European voting public gave the UK only 3 points ... #eurovison2019
Emma Kennedy
just bring on madonna already eurovison2019
Just. Bring. On. Madonna. Already. #eurovison2019
Daily Express
here s how to watch the eurovision 2019 final live online eurovison2019
Here's how to watch the Eurovision 2019 final live online #eurovison2019
who else guessed this is how madonna s troupe of monks were dressed under those hoods eurovison2019
Who else guessed this is how Madonna's troupe of monks were dressed under those hoods? #eurovison2019
Yvie Burnett
and the winner of eurovison2019 was grahnort my fav was sweden x
And the winner of #eurovison2019 was @grahnort !! My fav was Sweden x
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