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Sam Cristoforetti
join earthhour this saturday switch off the lights at 8 30 pm local time
Join #EarthHour this Saturday, switch off the lights at 8:30 pm local time:
World Wildlife Fund
celebrating earthhour tonight let us know and help spread the word changeclimatechange
Celebrating #EarthHour tonight? Let us know and help spread the word! #changeclimatechange
Justin Trudeau
we re all on this planet together during earthhour and every day thereafter read more
We're all on this planet together. During #EarthHour and every day thereafter. Read more:
Alia Bhatt
so guys earthhour is on 25 march 8 30 9 30 pm rt to say switchoffindia amp take the pledge here
So guys!!!!! #EarthHour is on 25 March, 8:30 - 9:30 p.m.! RT to say #SwitchOffIndia & take the pledge here : 
World Wildlife Fund
the countdown begins earthhour is tomorrow at 8 30pm your local time rt if you will be participating
The countdown begins: #EarthHour is tomorrow at 8:30PM your local time! RT if you will be participating.
Danny Jones
guys show your support for earthhour and well doitinthedark in our panda onesies
Show your support for #EarthHour and we’ll #Doitinthedark in our panda onesies!
the eiffel tower went dark for earthhour today and the photos are stunning
The Eiffel Tower went dark for #EarthHour today, and the photos are stunning:
Tom Fletcher
you might not think my words of wisdom are so wise when you see what i m wearing right now earthhour doitinthe
You might not think my words of wisdom are so wise when you see what I'm wearing right now! #EarthHour #Doitinthedark
Alia Bhatt
we have only one earth handle with care earthhour switchoffindia
We have only one earth. Handle with care. #EarthHour #SwitchOffIndia 
AFP news agency
from sydney to paris landmarks go dark for 10th earth hour earthhour
From Sydney to Paris, landmarks go dark for 10th Earth Hour #EarthHour
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