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Trading crypto? @KristianNairn has something to say to you. #Crypto
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Crytpo's market crash could be the beginning of something bigger. @Melt_Dem says #crypto is in a financial crisis.
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#bitcoin is stranded 78% from its highs, but @Melt_Dem says the #crypto crisis is building toward a major rally.
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The king of #crypto @barrysilbert says #bitcoin has found its bottom and the only way is up.
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#Bitcoin has crashed below $4k, but it's not the only #crypto going six feet under. $BTC $ETH $XRP $BCH
We helped @KristianNairn to rebrand himself.
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#ItsTimeTo #moon #Bitcoin #Crypto #btc #hodl #xrp #eth
Pantera Capital CEO @dan_pantera reveals why his hedge fund is betting big on #crypto
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