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Maria Bartiromo
happening now bobiaccino on copper it s a reflection of the us china deal there will be a deal morningsmaria f
Happening now- @Bob_Iaccino on #copper "it's a reflection of the US-China deal. There will be a deal" @MorningsMaria @FoxBusiness @WSJ
jeroen blokland
the price of copper is breaking out often a bullish signal for equity markets
The price of #copper is breaking out! Often a bullish signal for equity markets.
a world full of copper helped animals colonise the earth aberdeenuni scireports
A world full of #copper helped #animals colonise the Earth @aberdeenuni @SciReports
@mining 2 months
copper was key in the emergence of primitive life on earth
#Copper was key in the emergence of primitive life on Earth
Mickey Fulp
copper price surges as stocks hit 12 year lows copper market commodities economy china copperprice
Peter Brandt
copper probably headed to 344 then 370 hgf jjc
#Copper probably headed to 344, then 370 $HG_F $JJC
Michael Amon
floods like this one in chile have affected copper production and driven up its price
Floods like this one in Chile have affected #copper production and driven up its price.
copper futures have reached 26 new open interest records in 2017 including two this week hgf
#Copper futures have reached 26 new open interest records in 2017, including two this week. #HG_F
mmgs subsidiary in peru rejects blockade near las bambas copper mine
MMG’s subsidiary in Peru rejects blockade near Las Bambas #copper mine
Javier Blas
commodities watch copper heads into bear market after metal hits 6 year low via business
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