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Bernie Sanders
native americans know that if you destroy nature you destroy life that is what were doing globally and that ha
Native Americans know that if you destroy nature you destroy life. That is what we’re doing globally and that has got to change. #copolitics
Bernie Sanders
bernie sanders cant do this alone we ve gotta do it together through a strong grassroots movement copolitics
Bernie Sanders can’t do this alone. We've gotta do it together through a strong grassroots movement. #COpolitics
Donald Trump Jr.
i m a fighter and now i m going to fight for you realdonaldtrump in pueblo colorado copol copolitics co colora
"I'm a fighter and now I'm going to fight for you!" @realDonaldTrump in Pueblo, Colorado. #copol #copolitics #co #Colorado #maga
The Denver Post
exclusive dem party told clinton of caucus mistake kept sanders in dark copolitics
EXCLUSIVE: Dem Party told Clinton of caucus mistake, kept Sanders in dark #copolitics
America Rising PAC
amazing hillary clinton staffers in colorado aren t telling berniesanders supporters where to caucus copolitic
Brandon Rittiman
how organized is tedcruz camp it just text blasted its slate to ppl at the state convention copolitics 9news
How organized is @tedcruz camp? It just text-blasted its slate to ppl at the state convention. #copolitics #9news
The Denver Post
just in colorado will accept syrianrefugees hickenlooper says copolitics
JUST IN: #Colorado will accept #SyrianRefugees, Hickenlooper says: #copolitics
The Denver Post
icymi our endorsement of sencorygardner was a mistake denveropinion writes copolitics
ICYMI: Our endorsement of @SenCoryGardner was a mistake, @DenverOpinion writes #COPolitics
Chuck Plunkett
ted cruz wins three more delegates in colorado raising total to 12 via denverpost byjohnfrank copolitics
Ted Cruz wins three more delegates in Colorado, raising total to 12: via @denverpost @ByJohnFrank #copolitics
Planned Parenthood
breaking colorado voters reject personhood one more time yes voteno67 copolitics
BREAKING: Colorado voters reject personhood — one. More. Time. YES! #VoteNo67 #COpolitics
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