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Boston Celtics
happy birthday celtics legend robert parish chief
Ian Rapoport
usual suspension for a dui is 2 games unless there are extenuating circumstances chief cb sean smith hit a str
Usual suspension for a DUI is 2 games, unless there are extenuating circumstances. #Chief CB Sean Smith hit a street lamp. Led to extra game
Chase Elliott
ain t no better way to start our season see y all in daytona chief
Ain't no better way to start our season, see y'all in Daytona! #chief
shonda rhimes
everyone the chief therealjpickjr richard webber tgit greysanatomy follow him
Everyone the #chief @therealjpickjr = Richard Webber #TGIT #GreysAnatomy FOLLOW HIM!!
ABP News
chief justice of india ts thakur breaks down in front of pm modi calls for more judges
#Chief Justice of #India TS Thakur breaks down in front of PM Modi, calls for 'more' judges
Boston Bruins
a win tonight would make the trip home nice chief
"A win tonight would make the trip home nice" #Chief
Cody Alan
indian in the cupboard chief backstage iheartradio music fest iheartradio cmt ericchurch
Indian in the cupboard?! #chief backstage @iheartradio Music Fest #iheartradio @CMT @ericchurch
Chase Elliott
if this truck was a time machine i d rev it up and let it carry me chief
If this truck was a time machine, I'd rev it up and let it carry me.

Boston Bruins
prior to puck drop vs toronto stick taps for 1 of the true bs greats chief behindtheb
Prior to puck-drop vs. Toronto, stick-taps for 1 of the true B’s greats. #Chief #BehindTheB
@MLG 2 years
next on charlie fabgames vs chiefsesc fab chief codxp2016
Next on Charlie: @FAB_GAMES vs @CHIEFSESC!

🔃 #FAB
❤️ #Chief

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