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@chazsomers @missjacquerae #burn ouch. u want my # cutie?
@AnselElgort 13 yr old girls already love you, you don't need to prove how much you have in common #Burn (sorry...totes luv u in Fault kbi)
Ohhhh. Hey @RealDonaldTrump seen this?
This version of #burn by @AndraDayMusic is giving me everything. All day have played nothing but. #HamiltonMixtape
"Evaporate tall person!" #BURN #HSM10
“@GFAC207: @robbiekanner Three of them are for her make-up and hair crew.” I actually do my own hair and make-up on tour. Oooh... #burn
Qioting "The White House counsel is not the President, and he is not known to be in the chain of command for any Exec. Departments." #burn
Megastar @elliegoulding sets the @vfestival crowd alight with classics #Burn & #LoveMeLikeYouDo at 10pm on MTV Music!
Amazing! RT @elliehugme: @elliegoulding #burn staying strong at #12 on US iTunes
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