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Amgen Inc.
@Amgen 3 years
some of the greatest advances in science are unfolding now inside amgen biotech
Some of the greatest advances in #science are unfolding now inside #Amgen. #biotech
Brian Ahier
genomic medicine has entered the building biotech gene therapy dna by karynhede
#Genomic #medicine has entered the building
#biotech #gene #therapy #dna
by @KarynHede
BioMed Central
read gold nanoparticles improve metabolic profile of mice fed high fat diet amp other biotech articles on bmc
Read: Gold Nanoparticles Improve Metabolic Profile of Mice Fed High-Fat Diet & other #Biotech articles on BMC
NSF Engineering
a foam that stops bleeding is made of same material in crustacean exoskeletons amp more biotech
A foam that stops bleeding is made of same material in crustacean exoskeletons & more #biotech
french court finds us biotech giant monsanto guilty of chemical poisoning
French court finds US #biotech giant #Monsanto guilty of chemical poisoning
Brian Ahier
weaponized ai digital espionage other 2017 technology risks iot biotech robotics cybersecurity via wef
Weaponized #AI, #digital espionage + other 2017 #technology risks
#IoT #biotech #robotics #cybersecurity via @wef
Brian Ahier
biotechnology cell free biotech will make for better products dna rna ribosomes crispr via theeconomist
#Biotechnology: #Cell-free #biotech will make for better products
#DNA #RNA #ribosomes #CRISPR
via @TheEconomist
Israel ישראל
israeli biotech startup aims to end insulin injections for treating type 1 diabetes
Israeli #biotech #startup Aims To End Insulin Injections for Treating Type 1 #Diabetes
Israel ישראל
last month s 11bn mega sale of drug maker neuroderm has put the spotlight on israels biotech sector
Last month's $1.1Bn mega-sale of 🇮🇱 drug-maker @NeuroDerm has put the spotlight on Israel’s #biotech sector:
the average age of a biotech founder is 47 pharma digitalhealth harvardbiz
The average age of a #biotech founder is 47. #pharma #digitalhealth @HarvardBiz
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