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Results for austria


Russell Brand
i don t normally endorse voting but please vote for me on eurovision tonight austria
I don't normally endorse voting but please vote for me on #Eurovision tonight. #Austria
Matthew Jurman
working hard preseason austria alittihad tigers
Working hard 💪 #preseason #austria 🇦🇹 #alittihad #tigers
Yannis Koutsomitis
women decided austria vote bpw16
Women decided #Austria vote. 🎩
#bpw16 🇦🇹
Europe Elects
interior ministry final result state level without postal voting bpw16 hofer vanderbellen austria
Interior Ministry: Final Result State Level (without postal voting):

#bpw16 #Hofer #VanderBellen #Austria
Enrique Iglesias
thank you vienna for an incredible nighthope to see you again very soon austria
Thank you #Vienna for an incredible night!!!  Hope to see you again very soon!!! #austria
see u at goodthingsfest melbouren 3 15pm babymetal austria goodthingsfest
See U at @GoodThingsFest #melbouren 3:15pm!! #BABYMETAL #Austria #GoodThingsFest
Conflict News
left hungarian refugees walking to austria in 1956 right syrian refugees walking from hungary to austria 2015
Left - Hungarian refugees walking to Austria in 1956

Right - Syrian refugees walking from #Hungary to #Austria 2015
NYT Graphics
how far is europe swinging to the right austria bpw16
How far is Europe swinging to the right?
#austria #bpw16
Arwa Damon
refugees from budapest train station r walking they say 2 austria amp germany if they have to
#refugees from #budapest train station R walking, they say 2 #austria & #germany if they have to
Arwa Damon
hungary woman handing out food 2 refugees walking on highway 2 austria tears up i am so sorry about my prime m
#hungary woman handing out food 2 #refugees walking on highway 2 #austria tears up "I am so sorry about my prime minister, I am so sorry"
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