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The Australian
check out all the finalists for this years archibaldprize archibald2016
Check out all the finalists for this year’s #ArchibaldPrize #Archibald2016
SBS News
yvette coppersmith wins archibaldprize with self portrait
Yvette Coppersmith wins #ArchibaldPrize with self-portrait
Hugh Riminton
mixing it up with the arty crowd at the archibaldprize
Mixing it up with the arty crowd at the #ArchibaldPrize
The Australian
archibaldprize 2016 winner barry by louise hearman pic louise hearman agnsw
#ArchibaldPrize 2016 winner: Barry by Louise Hearman. Pic: Louise Hearman/AGNSW
The Australian
archibald s packing room prize goes to peter smeeth for his portrait of lisawilkinson archibaldprize
Archibald's Packing Room Prize goes to Peter Smeeth for his portrait of @Lisa_Wilkinson #ArchibaldPrize
ABC News
icymi watch the faces of every archibaldprize winner morph together
#ICYMI: Watch the faces of every #ArchibaldPrize winner morph together
The Australian
archibaldprize mega portraits seem at last to have become virtually extinct
#ArchibaldPrize mega-portraits seem at last to have become virtually extinct.
AUS Paralympic Team
we re loving this archibaldprize entry of kurtfearnley submitted today by artist alex robledo webelieve
We're loving this #ArchibaldPrize entry of @kurtfearnley, submitted today by artist Alex Robledo! #WeBelieve
Hugh Riminton
melbourne artist yvette coppersmith with her 2018 archibaldprize winning self portrait tennews
Melbourne artist Yvette Coppersmith with her 2018 #archibaldprize winning self-portrait. #TenNews
The New Daily
portrait of jimmy barnes wins archibaldprize packing room prize
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