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#FairfaxNine merger couldn't have happen under previous media laws: Paul Keating. #abc730 #auspol
Audio recording reveals how Ch 7 cadet was dismissed soon after making harassment complaint #abc730 @Milliganreports
Channel 9 is a low-brow outfit, says Paul Keating, slamming the #FairfaxNine deal. #abc730 #auspol
We tend to divorce science from culture, says @LKrauss1 #abc730
#Refugee children on #Nauru are Googling how to kill themselves, whistleblower warns. @FarrellPF #abc730 #auspol
Paul Keating says Australia should focus less on the US alliance and more on Asia #auspol #abc730
There are signs of a government panicking over the possibility of an early election @latingle #auspol #abc730
.@KenRoth from @hrw on offshore detention: "Popularity does not justify a human rights violation." #auspol #abc730
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