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Scott Russell
the olympicworld champ yuzuruhanyu on ice injury filled season with coach orser wcshanghai cbcsports cbcskate
The Olympic+World Champ #YuzuruHanyu on ice Injury filled season with Coach Orser #WCShanghai @cbcsports #cbcskate
Javier Fernandez
congratulations also to my mates tenisden and yuzuruhanyu for their medals in this wcshanghai 2015 vamosjavi
Congratulations also to my mates @Tenis_Den and #YuzuruHanyu for their medals in this #WCShanghai 2015!
Tatjana Flade
cacophony of the outraged my take on yuzuruhanyu amp tenisden incident at worlds2016 hanyu figureskate
Cacophony of the outraged: My take on #YuzuruHanyu & @Tenis_Den "incident" at #Worlds2016 #Hanyu #figureskate:
CBC Sports
happy birthday yuzuruhanyu from cbcskate celebrate with his olympic gold medal performance
Scott Russell
he always draws a crowd olympic and world champion yuzuruhanyu with the media wcshanghai cbcsports cbcskate
He always draws a crowd!! Olympic and World Champion #YuzuruHanyu with the media #WCShanghai @cbcsports #cbcskate
steve buffery
two if the best patrickchan and yuzuruhanyu talking to the media at skatecanada sci16
Two if the best #PatrickChan and #YuzuruHanyu talking to the media at #SkateCanada #SCI16
steve buffery
yuzuruhanyu arrives for the long program draw at skatecanada sci16
#YuzuruHanyu arrives for the long program draw at #SkateCanada #SCI16.
Scott Russell
the olympics champ has the lead but it was tough for yuzuruhanyu cbcsports cbc worlds2016 isufigure boston
The @Olympics champ has the lead but it was tough for #YuzuruHanyu @cbcsports @cbc #Worlds2016 @ISU_Figure #boston
Scott Russell
skaters on ice for gala practice loads of talent yuzuruhanyu in foreground on air 8pm prime time cbc cbcskate
Skaters on ice for Gala Practice! Loads of talent! #YuzuruHanyu in foreground On air 8pm Prime Time @CBC #cbcskate
Scott Russell
a quiet moment olympics champ yuzuruhanyu has a big lead live cbc 9pm worlds2016 boston isufigure cbcsports
A quiet moment @Olympics Champ #YuzuruHanyu has a big lead LIVE @cbc 9pm #Worlds2016 #boston @ISU_Figure @cbcsports
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