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People's Daily,China
tulips blooming in snow at jiangbulake scenery spot in nw china s xinjiang on friday photo xinhua
Tulips blooming in snow at Jiangbulake scenery spot in NW China's #Xinjiang on Friday (Photo/Xinhua)
Marco Rubio
evidence of how china is forcing muslims into reeducation camps in xinjiang continues to emerge
Evidence of how #China is forcing Muslims into ‘reeducation’ camps in #Xinjiang continues to emerge.
Human Rights Watch
the everyday repression china subjects muslims to in xinjiang is absolutely chilling
The everyday repression China subjects Muslims to in #Xinjiang is absolutely chilling:
highway construction postponed for migratory birds in xinjiang
Highway construction postponed for migratory birds in #Xinjiang
Kristie Lu Stout CNN
how and why is china tearing uyghur families apart here s ivancnn for cnni news stream nscnn cnn xinjiang
How and why is China tearing #Uyghur families apart?

Here's @IvanCNN for @CNNi News Stream.

#nscnn #cnn #Xinjiang
China Xinhua News
live amazing incredible scientific investigation in northwest china s xinjiang periscopetv
Live: Amazing! Incredible scientific investigation in northwest China's #Xinjiang @PeriscopeTV
cultural relics unearthed in xinjiang on display at national museum
Cultural relics unearthed in #Xinjiang on display at National Museum
China Xinhua News
hello kitty a wild manul caught on video with her four kittens on the bayan bulag grassland xinjiang
Hello kitty! A wild manul caught on video with her four kittens on the Bayan Bulag grassland, #Xinjiang
China Xinhua News
it is not true that china has banned muslims in xinjiang to observe holy month of ramadan
It is not true that #China has banned #muslims in #Xinjiang to observe holy month of #Ramadan
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