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The world needs science, and science needs women. Join us on #WomenInScience Day and spread the word!
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If girls can dream it, they can do it! Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science! #WomenInScience
Here are all the amazing #NobelPrize awarded women who changed the world! #WomensDay #WomenInScience @smrtgrls
Women scientists you didn't learn about in school—but should have #WomenInScience
From the silver screen to the science lab, The #BigBangTheory proudly celebrates #WomenInScience and #WomenInSTEM! 🔬
Check out the #WomenInScience hashtag today, lots of amazing people sharing their work!
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Today is the international day of women and girls in science! #WomenInScience
When computers were human: the black women behind NASA’s success #WomenInScience
From Syria to the stars: this refugee girl is determined to walk on the moon. 👩🏽‍🚀 🚀

#WomenInScience #GenUnlimited
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Five remarkable Nobel Prize-awarded chemists that have made our world a better place.

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