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Golf Channel
where s niallofficial starsearch whereswaldo
Where's @NiallOfficial? #StarSearch #WheresWaldo
Reggie Miller
1 whoever started this fantastic 2 it s too close to call whereswaldo
#1 Whoever started this, FANTASTIC!! #2 It's too close to call!! #WheresWaldo
The Big Bang Theory
that moment penny entered a whereswaldo world of blonde bombshells bigbangtheory
That moment Penny entered a #WheresWaldo world of blonde bombshells. #BigBangTheory
St. Louis Cardinals
well that was easy whereswaldo stlcards
Well, that was easy. #WheresWaldo #STLCards
Texas Rangers
waldo taking in some baseball at globe life park whereswaldo
Waldo taking in some baseball at Globe Life Park. #WheresWaldo
Karen Warren
large gathering of houstontexans travelingtexans fans at dealey plaza in downtown dallas whereswaldo
Large gathering of #houstontexans #travelingtexans fans at Dealey Plaza in downtown #dallas! #whereswaldo
LA Clippers
doc rivers is somewhere amongst this group of media whereswaldo
Doc Rivers is somewhere amongst this group of media. #WheresWaldo
Ben Ferguson
if anyone is wondering whereswaldo is i found him in dallas dallasstars game
If anyone is wondering #whereswaldo is I FOUND HIM IN DALLAS @DallasStars game!
Nick Cannon
whereswaldo can you find me in this photo luisperezdop great shot
#WheresWaldo Can you find me in this photo? @luisperezdop great shot
Toronto Argonauts
we present the many faces of training camp which argos expression is your favourite whereswaldo ourteam cfl
We present: The many faces of training camp. Which #Argos' expression is your favourite? #WheresWaldo #OURteam #CFL
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