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Erica Hill
1 wtc rises a symbolic 1776 ft sign of how far nyc nation have comehow much has changed neverforget
1 #WTC rises a symbolic 1776 ft, sign of how far #NYC, nation have much has changed. #NeverForget
NASA Solar System
metal from the wtc is 140 million miles away on mars a memorial to september11 victims
Metal from the #WTC is 140 million miles away on Mars, a memorial to #September11 victims.
9/11 Memorial
the 16 acre world trade center site wtc
The 16-acre World Trade Center site. #WTC
9/11 Memorial
after 13 years one world trade center the tallest building in the us standing at 1776 feet opens its doors wtc
After 13 years, One World Trade Center, the tallest building in the U.S. standing at 1776 feet, opens its doors. #WTC
Eric Shawn
is there a nj terror cell akin to sheikh omar adel rahman s of the 1990 s they bombed the wtc in 93 i anchor f
Is there a NJ #terror cell, akin to Sheikh Omar Adel-Rahman's of the 1990's? They bombed the #WTC in '93. I anchor @FoxNews @HappeningNow.
Gabrielle Giffords
christina taylor green would have been 12 yrs old today this angel made of wtc steel stands 4
Christina Taylor Green would have been 12 yrs old today. This #angel, made of #WTC steel, stands 4…
9/11 Memorial
didyouknow the letters from virgil s aeneid inside the 911museum were forged out of remnant wtc steel
#DidYouKnow The letters from Virgil's "Aeneid" inside the #911Museum were forged out of remnant #WTC steel.
@ICC 5 years
thankyousachin is trending worldwide as sachinrt begins his penultimate test match for bcci wtc cricket indvwi
#ThankYouSachin is trending worldwide as @sachin_rt begins his penultimate Test match for @BCCI #wtc #cricket #IndvWI
Nicole Scherzinger
inyc empirestatebldg worldtradecenter wtc
I❤️NYC!!! #empirestatebldg #WorldTradeCenter #WTC
Statue of Liberty NM
it s been 15 years since our hearts broke amp skyline changed gone but never forgotten wtc pentagon flight93
It's been 15 years since our hearts broke & skyline changed. Gone, but NEVER forgotten. #WTC #Pentagon #Flight93
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