If you're a reporter who wants to boycott #whcd because POTUS was mean, I don't care. If you boycott cuz you dislike banning Muslim tho
NO ONE in the media should attend #WHCD after being called an "enemy to the American people" ! @cnn @msnbc @FoxNews @ABC @NBCNews @CBSNews
Press double standard confirmed with White House Correspondents Dinner attendance https://t.co/JVQhwmYfeX #WHCD #DonaldTrump #media
"...the dinner isn’t a date at all. It’s a cease-fire with bad wine and crowded tables." @MajorCBS on Trump & #WHCD https://t.co/EN5bISvghi
Even #WHCD supporters have to admit that it has so outgrown its original mandate https://t.co/4uLBCn7R7s #WHCD
Washington being what it is, the WHCD has become a subject of controversy and concern https://t.co/6zGXWsanfU #WHCD
“What does not kill the #WHCD will only make it live a little longer.” https://t.co/8TkBe8buZh #WHCD
The #WHCD party will persist until the feeding of egos becomes a crime. https://t.co/HGP5T92oYB #WHCD
The #WHCD has been an ugly spectacle for more than a generation https://t.co/b1Fbrl6HNm #WHCD
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