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Travel + Leisure
museum hack a game plan for tackling the massive uffizi in florence uffiziorg
Museum hack: A game plan for tackling the massive #Uffizi in #Florence (@UffiziOrg):
@RaiNews 3 years
large collapse in heart of florence near uffizi and pontevecchio the first pictures
Large #collapse in heart of #Florence, near #Uffizi and #PonteVecchio: the first #pictures
Sunday Times Travel
60 minute tours of the world s best museums louvre uffizi moma prado vampa
60-minute tours of the world's best museums #louvre #uffizi #moma #prado #V&A
DW - Culture
what awaits uffizi gallery s first non italian director eike schmidt tells dw art
What awaits #Uffizi Gallery's first non-Italian director? Eike Schmidt tells DW: #art
Rachel Donadio — NYT
even jenny holzer has a self portrait in the uffizi vasari corridor but it s only open for
Even Jenny Holzer has a self-portrait in the #Uffizi Vasari Corridor but it's only open for…
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