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BREAKING: Trump team appear to be buying NEW fake followers to make up those lost in #TwitterPurge
#IamJada DISGUSTED THAT KIDS TODAY HAVE LOST SENSE OF RIGHT/WRONG with #jadapose and #twitterpurge in same week? Grow up. This isn't cool
#twitterpurge REAL MEN dnt expose women on social media. Period. #noexcuses
The #TwitterPurge of violent and hateful accounts has begun.
I do not support this trend #TwitterPurge if I see you participating I will unfollow you. All trends are not to be followed
#twitterpurge I have NO respect for anyone participating in this. fact it's trending is not cool, its shameful. THINK B4 u posf @Support
The so-called #TwitterPurge is a real thing and it’s happening to Trump’s most threatening supporters
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