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There it is. Protesters are flying their Trump baby balloon above London’s Parliament Square #TrumpUKVisit
Welcome to Britain Donny

Watch live as protests take place across London as @RealDonaldTrump's meets the Queen #TrumpUKVisit
The Trump Baby Blimp is now up in London.

5 months
Donald Trump says the British people “like me a lot”, do you agree? @Nigel_Farage is live #FarageOnLBC #TrumpUKVisit
Big #blenheim boo for anyone driving into the Palace #TrumpProtest #TrumpUKVisit
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"I just wish Theresa May would stand up to Trump for once."
@vincecable on the #TrumpUKVisit
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Something I wanted to say about the anti-Trump protests #TrumpUKVisit
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