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christine teigen
i always have a note in my pocket that says john did it just in case i m murdered because i don t want him to
I always have a note in my pocket that says "john did it" just in case I'm murdered because I don't want him to remarry #truelove #tips
Justin Bieber
and doubtersdont be so quick to speakyou might just need to wait 13days so you dont look crazy tips goodnight
and doubters...dont be so quick to might just need to wait #13DAYS so you dont look crazy. #tips . goodnight
Tony Rocha
if you or someone you know is experiencing cyberbullying check out our top tips below antibullyingpro
If #You or #Someone you know is #Experiencing #cyberBullying, check out our #Top #Tips below. #AntiBullyingPro
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12 steps to self care life happiness health tips
12 Steps to self care

#Life #Happiness #Health #Tips
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drink sufficient water because health tips water
Drink sufficient water, because..

#Health #Tips #Water
@Citi 3 years
leslie mcnamara citi retail services shares how to maintain a strong work life balance lauraemilyd tips
Leslie McNamara, #Citi Retail Services shares how to maintain a strong work/life balance: @lauraemilyd #tips
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rules for a healthy living life happiness fitness beauty health tips
Rules for a healthy living..

#Life #happiness #fitness #beauty #health #tips
Lori Shemek, PhD
5 tips to more beautiful skin via lorishemek health skinhealth tips
5 Tips To More Beautiful Skin via @LoriShemek

#health #skinhealth #tips
Lou Teasdale
look away from the liner so when on outer corners look in and vice versa maybellinenyuk tips thecraft
Look away from the liner so when on outer corners look in and vice versa @maybellineNYUK #TIPS #thecraft
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7 lovely logics happiness life health tips
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