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Huawei Technologies
telecoms amp industries must partner to grow their respective businesses learn more about where opportunity aw
#Telecoms & Industries must partner to grow their respective businesses. Learn more about where opportunity awaits.
@esa 3 years
great shot of last night s ariane5 launch delivering two telecoms satellites into orbit
Great shot of last night's #Ariane5 launch - delivering two #telecoms satellites into orbit
Huawei Technologies
cloud business models are the way into the trillion dollar b2b space telecoms huawei
#Cloud business models are the way into the trillion-dollar B2B space: #telecoms #Huawei
Huawei Technologies
huawei creates 5 point telecoms methodology for iot network planning download it here
#Huawei creates 5-point #telecoms methodology for #IoT network planning. Download it here:
European Parliament
eplenary approved telecoms package on roaming ban amp netneutrality digitalsinglemarket
#EPlenary approved #telecoms package on #roaming ban & #netneutrality #digitalsinglemarket
PwC's Strategy&
drones are helping telecoms fix difficult technical challengesbut they could open new avenues to growth as wel
#Drones are helping #telecoms fix difficult technical challenges—but they could open new avenues to growth as well.
McKinsey Quarterly
our director jacques bughin offers his take on digital disruptions to telecoms
Our director Jacques Bughin offers his take on #digital disruptions to #telecoms
China Xinhua News
china s telecoms giant huawei seeks to expand operations in argentina
China's #telecoms giant @Huawei seeks to expand operations in #Argentina
Huawei Technologies
a trillion dollar market for telecoms video is unfolding are you ready mwcs17
A trillion-dollar market for #Telecoms #video is unfolding. Are you ready? #MWCS17
UN Development
5 days to our 50th anniversary here our 1967 telecoms project w itu connects cotedivoire to ethiopia undp50
5 days to our 50th anniversary! Here, our 1967 #telecoms project w/ @ITU connects #CotedIvoire to #Ethiopia. #UNDP50
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