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Paul Ryan
@PRyan 1 year
hey nancy pelosi can you hear us now taxreform
Hey Nancy Pelosi, can you hear us now? #TaxReform
@cspan 1 year
do you support or oppose the senate gop taxreform bill watch the us senate debate live on c span2
Do you SUPPORT or OPPOSE the Senate GOP #TaxReform Bill?

Watch the U.S. Senate Debate – LIVE on C-SPAN2
Chuck Schumer
so if you are a giant corporation or in the top 1 the gop has a taxreform plan for you if you arent
So if you are a giant corporation or in the top 1% - the GOP has a #TaxReform plan for you.

If you aren’t? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Donald J. Trump
join me live at 5 45pme from harrisburg pennsylvania taxreform usa
Join me LIVE at 5:45pmE from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania!
#TaxReform #USA 🇺🇸
House Republicans
passed the tax cuts amp jobs act 1182more taxreform
PASSED → The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. #1182more #taxreform
Chuck Schumer
gop taxreform plan amp what speakerryan says about it are 2 diff things says plan is for middle class but 80 i
GOP #TaxReform plan & what @SpeakerRyan says about it are 2 diff things. Says plan is for middle class but 80% is for wealthy-Get real Paul.
The Boeing Company
boeing ceo we applaud congress amp administration taxreform will drive innovation jobs and long term growth
#Boeing CEO: We applaud Congress & Administration; #TaxReform will drive innovation, jobs and long-term growth!
Rep. Sam Graves
thanks to potus for bringing a clear vision for tax reform amp prosperity to missouri he s absolutely right th
Thanks to @POTUS for bringing a clear vision for tax reform & prosperity to Missouri. He's absolutely right. The time for #TaxReform is now
Chuck Schumer
and what kind of taxreform plan removes the state amp local deduction when that s what keeps middle class fami
And what kind of #TaxReform plan removes the State & Local deduction when that's what keeps middle class families from being taxed twice?
Leader McConnell
breaking the senate has passed this once in a generation taxreform bill
BREAKING → The #Senate has passed this once-in-a-generation #TaxReform bill.
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