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@UNICEF 4 years
violence against children with albinism in tanzania is a serious amp alarming crisis via uniceftanzania endvio
Violence against children with albinism in #Tanzania is a serious & alarming crisis. Via @UNICEFTanzania #ENDviolence
@UNICEF 3 years
these children are among 50k burundi refugees being relocated to nyarugusu camp in tanzania uniceftanzania
These children are among 50k #Burundi #refugees being relocated to Nyarugusu Camp in #Tanzania @UNICEFTanzania
Paul Kagame
we thank president magufulijp for visiting to express solidarity with rwandans and strengthen fraternal ties b
We thank President @MagufuliJP for visiting to express solidarity with Rwandans and strengthen fraternal ties between #Tanzania & #Rwanda
uganda govt seals deal to export marijuana to canada tanzania uganda
Sam Cristoforetti
flying along the coast of tanzania just south of zanzibar helloearth
Flying along the coast of #Tanzania just South of Zanzibar. #HelloEarth
UN Refugee Agency
new from our team in kakunga tanzania where we are trying to assist amp move approx 10000 fleeing burundi
New from our team in Kakunga, #Tanzania where we are trying to assist & move approx 10,000 fleeing #Burundi
50 million trees set to be planted in kilimanjaro tanzania
Sam Cristoforetti
and here come the island of zanzibar and on the coast dar es salaam tanzania helloearth
And here come the island of Zanzibar and, on the coast, Dar Es Salaam #Tanzania #HelloEarth
BBC Trending
when is it ok to kiss a colleague the police officers fired for a kiss in tanzania
When is it OK to kiss a colleague? The police officers fired for a kiss in #Tanzania
UN Women
leaders from business government civil society academia gathered in tanzania to discuss how to empowerwomen247
Leaders from business, government, civil society, academia gathered in #Tanzania to discuss how to #empowerwomen24_7
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