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Entertainment Weekly
supergirl has been renewed and is moving to the cw
#Supergirl has been renewed and is moving to The CW:
Jarett Wieselman
tyler hoechlin dons the superman costume for the first time in this new supergirl season 2 promo photo
Tyler Hoechlin dons the #Superman costume for the first time in this new #Supergirl Season 2 promo photo!
Deadline Hollywood
exclusive warner bros and dc are developing a feature film based around supergirl
EXCLUSIVE: Warner Bros and DC are developing a feature film based around #Supergirl
@Variety 3 years
superman is officially coming to supergirl in season 2 melissabenoist gberlanti
Superman is officially coming to #Supergirl in Season 2 @MelissaBenoist @GBerlanti
Hollywood Reporter
glee whiplash breakout set as cbs supergirl itsmmbenoist
#Glee, #Whiplash Breakout Set as CBS' #Supergirl @itsmmbenoist
Mo Ryan
@moryan 1 year
andrew kreisberg executive producer of theflash supergirl amp other shows has been fired by warner bros
Andrew Kreisberg, executive producer of #TheFlash #Supergirl & other shows, has been fired by Warner Bros
Jarett Wieselman
teenwolf alum tyler hoechlin will play superman on the cw s supergirl
#TeenWolf alum Tyler Hoechlin will play Superman on The CW's #Supergirl
TV Guide Magazine
it s the crossover we begged for theflash s grantgust to guest star on supergirl
It's the crossover we begged for: #TheFlash's @grantgust to guest star on #Supergirl
Chris Colfer
amazing rt itsmmbenoist this i still can t believe i am wearing the house of el coat of arms supergirl wbdctv
AMAZING! RT @itsmmbenoist: THIS. I still can't believe I am wearing the House of El coat of arms. #supergirl #wbdctv
Natalie Abrams
theflash supergirl boss andrew kreisberg fired after sexual harassment allegations
#TheFlash, #Supergirl boss Andrew Kreisberg fired after sexual harassment allegations
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