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Allen West
phenomenal sotu speech tonight by potus realdonaldtrump stateoftheunion stateoftheunion2019
Phenomenal #SOTU speech tonight by #POTUS @realDonaldTrump! #StateOfTheUnion #StateOfTheUnion2019
what grade would you give president trump for his second stateoftheunion address potus realdonaldtrump
What grade would you give President Trump for his second
#StateOfTheUnion address? @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
James Maslow
does watching the stateoftheunion address mean that i m becoming an adult or that i have no social life jokes
Does watching the #StateOfTheUnion address mean that I'm becoming an adult or that I have no social life? #Jokes #PayAttention
Bill Nye
@BillNye 4 years
no matter which side you re on participate stateoftheunion
No matter which side you're on, participate. #StateOfTheUnion
ca attorney general agbecerra will give the spanish language response to the stateoftheunion on feb 5th make s
CA. Attorney General @AGBecerra will give the Spanish language response to the #StateOfTheUnion on Feb 5th. Make sure to watch.
Nancy Pelosi
amazing to think that tonights stateoftheunion will have more dreamers in attendance than ever before
Amazing to think that tonight’s #StateOfTheUnion will have more #DREAMers in attendance than ever before.
New Day
@NewDay 4 years
it s stateoftheunion day barackobama will be talking middle class economics 5things
It's #StateOfTheUnion day! @BarackObama will be talking middle class economics: #5Things
Mary Katharine Ham
i hope no one shows up at the stateoftheunion wearing the same outfit
I hope no one shows up at the #stateoftheunion wearing the same outfit. 😬😡💅🏻
Steve Forbes
president tonight grand and great democrats pitiable and contemptible sotu stateoftheunion
President tonight grand and great. Democrats, pitiable and contemptible. #SOTU #StateOfTheUnion
Jake Tapper
texas govabbott says anyone who wants to help the people of his state should give to the redcross stateoftheun
Texas @GovAbbott says anyone who wants to help the people of his state should give to the @RedCross #StateOfTheUnion
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