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From 'Wanted', to 'Sultan', 'Bhaijaan' @BeingSalmanKhan​ is the real 'Dabangg' at Box Office #SoSorry
Here's how @ArvindKejriwal​'s day unfolds! Watch this in the latest episode of #SoSorry
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How helpless Delhi CM @Arvindkejriwal has become in front of PM @narendramodi! #SoSorry 😉
PM @narendramodi strikes down Pakistan's repeated attempts to enter into Indian territory by one blow #SoSorry
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(Got to watch it..very creative) IndiaToday: #SoSorry Can @narendramodi clean the 'UPA mess'?
If my computer wasn't broken bad I'd be watching Breaking Bad. #sosorry
The first part of Marvel's Phase III, Ant-Man, finally starts shooting today. Still no word on who's playing Dec-Man. #sorry #sosorry
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