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@psy_oppa 6 years
dennisrodman i m from south man kk
@dennisrodman I'm from #SOUTH man!!! kk
The Weather Channel
parts of the south will have a snow amp ice threat fri amp an isolated severe threat saturday
Parts of the #South will have a #snow & #ice threat Fri. & an isolated #severe threat Saturday
BBC News Africa
un says the number of people who ve fled south sudan because of the country s civil war has passed one million
UN says the number of people who've fled #South Sudan because of the country's civil war has passed one million.
King me
where it all began flashback south thefort
where it all began #flashback #south #thefort
The Weather Channel
get readyanother deepfreeze is coming w record lows possible in south amp east w temps up to 40 below average
Get Ready...another #DeepFreeze is coming w/ RECORD LOWS possible in #South & #East w/ temps up to 40° below average!
The Weather Channel
winter is far from overanother deepfreeze is coming w temps up to 40 below average in south amp east
#Winter is far from over...another #DeepFreeze is coming w/ temps up to 40° below average in #South & #East!
The Weather Channel
another winter storm more snow amp ice could be possible in the south late this week
Another #Winter Storm? More #snow & #ice could be possible in the #South late this week:
The Weather Channel
severe thunderstorm threat returns to the plains midwest south later this week
The Weather Channel
along with another arcticblast more snow amp ice are possible in south amp midwest friday
Along with another #ArcticBlast, more #snow & #ice are possible in #South & #Midwest Friday:
United Nations
who begins review of mers outbreak in south korea
.@WHO begins review of #MERS outbreak in #South Korea
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