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Breaking: Pentagon now investigating possible #Russian involvement in #Syria chemical weapons attack in Idlib - US military officials
So: what did #Trump, #Bannon & others know & when about #Flynn being a #Russian puppet? Is Trump one, too? WH a flaming wreckage already.
When the top comment on a @Slate article about #ICreport is an apparent #Russian troll who isn't even a good one.
3/This is the 3rd story Trump & team have told on #Russian hacking in 3 days. 1st was that Trump had "new info" only he knew
#BREAKING Oversight Committee requests docs about #Flynn communications w/ #Russian #Turkish #RT & foreign sources.
Join us in calling for a full, complete, independent investigation into the #Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections.
#BREAKING: @RepCummings NEW Documents Confirming #Flynn Received $$$$ From #RT - Instrument of #Russian Government.
Breaking: President Trump will sign the #Russian sanctions bill, WH announces
Nato holds five-day summit in Prague to discuss #Russian interference in elections
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