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Dr. Marty Fox
jeffsessions sworn in the ruleoflaw is back no sharia no amnesty no sanctuarycities will arrest soros thugs
#JeffSessions Sworn In
The #RuleOfLaw Is Back

No #Sharia
No #Amnesty
No #SanctuaryCities
Will Arrest #Soros Thugs
Dr. Marty Fox
demsinphilly highlighting contempt for the ruleoflaw by moms of thugs resulting from pc liberal parenting

Highlighting Contempt For The #RuleOfLaw

By Moms Of Thugs

Resulting From #PC #Liberal Parenting
Dr. Marty Fox
stop rewarding illegals start deporting stop welfare health care food stamps housing ruleoflaw pjnet
STOP Rewarding #Illegals
▶️ START Deporting

Health Care
Food Stamps

#RuleOfLaw #PJNET
Dr. Marty Fox
how to become a hero to the left by sallyyates trash the ruleoflaw advance the fake russian collusion story
How To Become A Hero To The #Left By #SallyYates

▶️Trash The #RuleOfLaw

▶️Advance The Fake Russian Collusion Story
Dr. Marty Fox
blacklivesmatter wants to destroy capitalism ruleoflaw pro socialism sounds like the democrat party

Wants To Destroy #Capitalism
Pro #Socialism

➡️ Sounds Like The #Democrat Party
Dr. Marty Fox
the demconvention parade of victims trashing the ruleoflaw police haters racebaiters unindicted felon hillary
The #DemConvention Parade Of Victims

Trashing The #RuleOfLaw

#Police Haters
Unindicted Felon Hillary
Dr. Marty Fox
one of these men ignores the ruleoflaw arms jihadists releases violent felons the other is castro
One Of These Men Ignores

➡️ The #RuleOfLaw

➡️ Arms #Jihadists

➡️ Releases Violent Felons

The Other Is #Castro
Dr. Marty Fox
if you believe in sovereignty amp ruleoflaw you are in the hillary basketofdeplorables
If You Believe In Sovereignty & #RuleOfLaw

You Are In The #Hillary #BasketOfDeplorables
Dr. Marty Fox
if you think kimdavis must follow the ruleoflaw but obama can violate the law youmightbeamarxist
If You Think #KimDavis

Must Follow The #RuleOfLaw

But #Obama Can Violate The Law

Senator Ted Cruz
judge gorsuch i have one client it s the law confirmgorsuch ruleoflaw scotus senjudiciary
Judge Gorsuch: "I have one client. It's the law." #ConfirmGorsuch #RuleOfLaw #SCOTUS @senjudiciary
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